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Why Mobile Friendly Applications are Key for Integrators

Why Mobile Friendly Applications are Key for Integrators

commercial integration space, company teams are often lean and mean. Working smart is always the goal. When trying to maximize resources, the last thing you want is for employees to have to hunker down with their laptops, or worse, head to the office to do basic work that could be done on the fly. Mobile friendly apps that manage projects, productivity, and sales are critical for businesses that want to maximize their return on resources and drive better business outcomes.

Business Integration – Emergence and Relevance of Mobile Apps

For a mobile application to ensure enterprise mobility through process integration, a powerful and flexible mobility solution that delivers speed, security, data management, and user friendliness is what is required. Applications need to fulfill the basic criteria of business integration: mobilization, integration, and automation of business processes. Business integration implies secure and reliable access to enterprise data, offering real time connections to all the business systems.

In addition to those requirements, there is a constant demand for change and upgrades to mobile apps that align with the changing mobile and business environment. The need for speed requires a multi-channel solution that will allow integrators to meet market demands and adopt new technologies for the betterment of the organization. Data security is another important criteria that needs to be met by mobile apps with regards to business integration. When mobile friendly applications offer security in data, within different levels of application for devices and for user, they can be essential. Of course, security has to be backed by stringent compliance and enforcement policies as well.

Applications of Mobile Friendly Integration Software

All the above mentioned features are tested once they are put into use, and if they stand the test of time, then you can be certain that you have the right device and compatible integration software. The quality of the user experience depends on the speed, security, and availability of data at all times. Studies show that people have no patience for apps or native mobile that doesn’t work well. It doesn’t matter how good an app or a device looks on the palm of your hands, if business integration falls short, the application is useless. So, while choosing your mobile integration software, look for high grade architecture, advanced features, and offline support so that your employees and customers are able to enjoy complete access at all times.

Role of Desktops in Business Integration – Convergence with Mobile apps

If business integration implies integration of technologies, applications, and processes to maximize communication and improve financial performance, then what naturally follows is integration between desktops and mobile apps for attaining that goal. Hence the role of mobile friendly apps becomes all the more important for integrators who are looking to bridge the gap between the two.

Smart Integrated Market-driven Planning & Execution (SIMPLE) is a process that guides the realization of ideal business integration, and this can only be achieved when the IT infrastructures of an enterprise work in alignment with each other. What is required is software that will bring about efficient desktop and mobile device management integration, converging servers, desktops and a range of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. All of this must be managed from a central access point: desktop integration can bring together all of the regular business processes like managing IT assets, and managing USB devices and software licenses, and all of this can be supported on both Windows and Mac OS. A central access desktop can be used for mobile application management, with the help of remote control of all the iOS and Android mobile devices.

The relevance of mobile friendly applications for integrators isn’t just restricted to mobile devices. Desktops have an important role to play as well. Especially if you are planning enterprise-wide business integration for resource maximization and financial gain.

Are you currently using mobile applications to integrate your business? We would love to hear about your experiences with them. Please share with us both pitfalls and successes of your integration.

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