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We Focus On Track & Trace Systems

Why focus on track & trace technologies? In most cases, augmentation of current databases or systems provides more value and is less invasive to the users and existing systems than looking for a single solution. From a ground-up application build to adding functionality to an existing platform, or rebooting a shelved RFID or IoT integration project. Our process engineers can help your team work through systems to reach goals in less time and for less overall investment.

All-in-one vs. use case specific platforms.

Every business is different because people are different. As a result, an All-in-one system in most cases provides an "all-compromise" solution.
We believe each business system employed in an organization should be focused on the best practices for that workflow or desired outcome. For example, even though a customer name is common to sales and accounting efforts. Both systems have very different definitions of success.
We offer applications that are designed from the ground up to be a team player. Solid API's as well as state-of-the-art security and data retention policies ensure accuracy even when integration requirements change.

We Understand Enterprise Engagements

Our developers focus on the user experience and scalability of platforms to provide management with better data to make better decisions, all while not bogging down field personnel.  

Enterprise engagements require the knowledge of systems, but the tact to handle kickbacks from teams that may be asked to be held to standards that exceed their current abilities.   Change is hard - we ease the transfer of knowledge from team to team better.


Authentication & Hosted Applications

Existing infrastructure is often too rigid in its design to add additional scope to collect the information your organization needs to be ahead of the curve. 

IoT devices or commercially available mobile devices with constantly evolving operating systems can introduce unintended consequences to legacy systems when directly connected. 

Our hosted applications can provide that firewall for applications to be tested and verified to ensure data entered into your legacy system is accurate and in context. 

Existing Hardware?

Want to reboot a tracking project that was using barcodes, QR codes, or other serialized optical identifications, or maybe an RFID project that you have considerable investments in hardware and tags? We can help!

Use those existing tags and reader infrastructure to collect data that is usable and viewable within our applications or as a link into your platforms.

We have extensive experience with;

  • Consumer and Industrial Printers

  • RFID Readers and item tags

  • Mobile and fixed location scanners

  • Other Smart-based handhelds

  • Various IoT devices

Branded Applications

Have an idea for an application, but don't want to spend the resources or time to worry about: Access management, Customer data separation, or all the underlying functions required to make your idea scalable?  

We can assist in developing your idea, then once it's ready, host your application all while you focus on selling your app.    

 Need a HIPAA-compliant infrastructure? We have that available as well.

Integrate On Your Terms

Elevate your capabilities without the need for extensive system overhauls or coordinating with multiple divisions. By utilizing existing hardware, you can effectively gather crucial data regarding your product's movements, usage, and location. 

The insights gained from this expanded data collection process offer a deeper understanding of your customers' needs and preferences. By fine-tuning your products and services based on this valuable information, you can better meet the demands of your target audience. This strategic use of data will ultimately lead to improved customer retention and a stronger market presence for your organization.

At Cairnstack Software we increase widespread acceptance on application rollouts.

How? Because we focus on the employee interface as much as the data collected.

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