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TRXio Amps Up Customer Support

TRXio Amps Up Customer Support

TRXio Customer Support

TRXio team is committed to providing a reliable, predictable experience for our users. Through strong customer support and education, we strive to simplify the system for users to maximize productivity and prevent future issues.

TRXio has amped up its client support team! We are pleased to announce the addition of James Poston and Justin Seibenhener to TRXio’s customer support team. Both gentlemen bring a wealth of customer service and technical support experience from numerous well-known companies, including Ford/Lincoln, U.S. Xpress, Comcast, Verizon and Sprint. Their extensive experience in an array of industries gives them a unique outlook on what clients expect from their support team, allowing them to provide an even better support experience to our customers. James and Justin look forward to working with TRXio customers to streamline their inventory management systems.

Here are a few other highlights of TRXio’s commitment to customer service:

  1. Unlimited ticket submission: Provides fast and skilled help in a guaranteed timeframe, creating a complete warranty for any problems you encounter with your TRXio anchor subscriber license.

  2. Platform updates: Redundant hosting environment with 24/7 monitoring and 99.9% uptime, daily backups, ongoing feature development, cutting-edge update process, and security updates ensure platform stability.

  3. Training & best practices: Available training and professional development resources help your team better leverage the site’s technology and platform best practices.

  4. Response and resolution time: We guarantee a response and resolution time depending on the priority set for each ticket. We take this seriously: 98% of all tickets submitted are responded to and resolved well within the defined timeframes.

As always, in the event you have an issue with the TRXio platform, you can submit a ticket directly through the platform using the support tab at the top left when logged in, or you can email us at

We greatly appreciate our TRXio customers! Thank you for trusting us with your inventory management. 

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