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What does "TRX io" mean?

What's in a name?

What does TRXio mean?

How do you say TRXio?

Before TRXio had a name, we were discussing product features that were associated with how inventory came in to and left an organization. We looked at accounting and ERP systems to see what best served the industry. From Purchase orders, to job orders, to invoicing they were all necessary features to include, however there is so much more that is required to make an organization run smoothly.

From our combined knowledge of inventory management experience we took the workflows that have been known to work, the ones that are necessary but are painful, then focused on removing the effort spent on repetitive tasks that can be moved around to make the best of the time and resources used on each workflow.

A quick web search by our marketing team back in 2012 resulted in the URL "" as a top contender for the product name; simply because a 5 digit URL is hard to come by but once it is marketed it will be an easy name to say.

Or so we thought, TRXio is harder to pronounce than we thought. It turns out even from long time customers as well as people we talk to in our day-to-day work refer to us with all kinds of different versions. We often hear TRXio called "Tri-x-io", "Trix-io" (like the breakfast cereal) or "tracks-yo" or even dropping the "io" all together and saying simply TRX. All interesting and fair pronunciations of a odd product name. The actual phenetic pronunciation of TRXio is: "Tracks-eye-oh".

However you want to pronounce TRXio. As long as when you think of tracking your products coming in and going out, and you see TRXio in your mind. Then we are on the right path.


For more information about what TRXio can do for your organization.

Give us a call at 720-446-5861

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