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Can QuickBooks Online Track Inventory?

Answer: Sort of.

However the inventory tracking that is offered by Intuit's QuickBooks Online product has only slightly better feature set and abilities than is found in any "it's all in my head", the basic clipboard or white board version or even a shared spreadsheet. All of these tools can track inventory but what they also have in common is that they are prone to lots of errors from Overwriting spreadsheets, down to the simplest miscount make those versions unreliable at best. While QuickBooks Online does not have the ability to track item-level or serialized inventory, it can be integrated with products to make it much more stable and reliable. With the simple to integrate option called TRXio. This integration now offers this vital feature to transition from QuickBooks desktop or your other accounting platforms to the latest and greatest accounting software. If you are considering to move your business to the cloud and worry about the limitations with the online version of QuickBooks, then TRXio is the solution. TRXio will not only meet, but will enhance the functionality of Intuits newest cloud based accounting platform.

"I love double and triple data entry"

- Nobody ever.

Save yourself some frustration by adding tools that augment the automation. and provide a similar work flow to managing your banking register sync but with your inventory, Purchase orders, Work orders, and invoices .

The TRXio to QuickBooks Online adds:

  • Sync customers, vendors, orders and products

  • Push filled invoices and item receipts

  • Pull estimates and Sales orders from QuickBooks Online to TRXio for fulfillment

For more information on the TRXio-QuickBooks Online integration, or to see a demo, please contact us at 303-862-3000.


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