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TRXio: European Falsified Medicine Directive (FMD) Compliance

European Falsified Medicine Directive (FMD)

European Falsified Medicine Directive (FMD)

How to Comply with FMD

In order to comply with the European Falsified Medicine Directive (FMD), it is crucial that you select the best inventory tool to reduce errors and properly track your pharmaceuticals. TRXio’s inventory scanning system can help you become FMD compliant through live a QR-code technology that monitors millions (billions) of individual inventory items.


TRXio offers a traceability aspect that many other solutions lack since it has the ability to track the movement of an individual item from its origin to the end of its useful life. This provides valuable knowledge of who comes into contact with the item along the way and allows distributors to track individual products by expiration date, lot number, etc.

If you are looking for an effective solution to comply with FMD, or an effective solution to track pharmaceutical inventory in general, please contact TRXio at 844-868-7225 for more information.

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