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Inventory Management Technique: Cycle Counting

Cycle Counting

Inventory management techniques - cycle counting

small business inventory management, it is essential to conduct a manual, physical inventory control process, in addition to implementing a robust inventory management system like TRXio.

Cycle counting is a good option for many small, product-based businesses. What is cycle counting? Cycle counting can be explained as counting a small amount of inventory on a regular, scheduled basis throughout the year in order to focus on one subset of inventory at a time. If errors are found during cycle counting, there should be adjustments made to the records.

There are many benefits of cycle counting including:

  1. It is less disruptive to business operations than a large, annual inventory count.

  2. It is far less complicated than an annual inventory count.

  3. It reduces the chance for human error.

  4. It ensures timely tracking of products, which keeps financial losses to a minimum.

  5. It reduces clutter since often it requires employees to break down boxes as soon as they arrive versus storing them for a future inventory.

  6. Since cycle counting provides up-to-date access to inventory, small businesses are able to make more informed and targeted purchasing decisions.

  7. Helps manage inventory in the decline stage.

TRXio, a leading provider of cycle count software, eases the inventory control process by simplifying the task of verifying inventory. It allows small business owners to accurately track and monitor their inventory to make confident business decisions. Additionally, TRXio allows small businesses to customize inventory counts based on “current” inventory locations such as vans, trucks, or sub-sections of a warehouse.

For more information how TRXio can help with your cycle counting, or for advice on inventory management techniques, please contact us at 844-868-7225.

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