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How to Set Up An Inventory System

How to Set Up An Inventory System

We are often asked how to set up an inventory system, including questions about the best ways to track inventory.

Here are few of the most common questions:

  1. What are the requirements for adding inventory to my warehouse?

  2. What information has to be set up prior to me adding that inventory so that I can better track it?

  3. How can I streamline this process to make adding and tracking inventory as simple as possible?

These are some of the questions we had to ask ourselves when designing TRXio. Adding inventory should be an easy process, but there are actually many pieces of information necessary to complete this simple task. Our goal was to make tracking inventory as simple as possible while maintaining the information necessary for a robust inventory tracking system.

What this means is that before entering any inventory into our system a little bit of setup needs to be done and a deep understanding of how to track inventory effectively is required. Setup includes creating a few pieces of information that are required for managing and tracking each inventory item such as:

  1. Brand –Every piece of inventory needs to have a brand. A brand is the name of the product creator. This meant we had to create a field where brands could be entered so they could be chosen later when the inventory was added.

  2. Source –Often, inventory is not purchased directly from the brand. That meant we also had to create a field to enter all the vendors, distributors, or other sources the customer purchased inventory from. This could be the same as the brand, but could also be different.

  3. Product Family –Inventory needs to be grouped with similar items so it’s easier to manage and track. For this, we needed to create a field for the product family and sub-family names for the items in the inventory. This means the user would have to decide how they wanted their inventory organized. This is the biggest step prior to adding inventory since it requires some reflection and decision making on the part of the user.

Once these steps are complete, the user is ready to start adding inventory into the TRXio inventory system. Usually companies don’t have too large a list of brands and sources, but if they do we can pre-load them into their account. When we train a new customer on how to use the TRXio system, this setup process is the first thing we show them. People usually grasp these concepts pretty fast, and when they start asking questions you know they’re figuring it out.

This little bit of preparation really pays off in the end. It not only enables quick and easy inventory entry, but it allows your system to be able to track inventory in a variety of useful ways.

If you’re interested in learning more about setting up an inventory system, or regarding TRXio’s inventory management solution, contact us for a free 30-minute inventory management consultation.

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