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Eliminate “Go Back” Trips with Inventory Control

Inventory Control

We enjoyed Henry Clifford’s article, “Rapid Improvement Plan: Doing The Job Right The First Time.” He describes his AV company’s “Rapid Improvement Plan,” which was designed to incentivize employees to eliminate frustrating, unbillable “go back” trips to Home Depot and Lowe’s. When they reviewed patterns, they began to equip their installers with extra screws and drill bits. Their efforts reduced the “go back” trips by 50 percent, which he was estimating were costing the company $128,000 per year. We agree with Henry’s thinking. Fewer delays, trips, and missing items will result in increased efficiency and profitability.

You’ve probably been there. You’ve designed a great project, your proposal is approved and you’ve scheduled talented installers to complete the job. This is what you do best. However, there’s still a business process that easily gets overlooked… inventory control. From ordering to final installation, it is critical to keep track of a job’s major components or your profit margin will be impacted.

TRXio, inventory control software, has a unique traceability function that allows you to:

  1. Know what products have been ordered and their current location

  2. Know what products have been ordered but have not yet arrived

  3. Track your products in real time, along with who is handling them

  4. Make change orders on the fly, even in the field

  5. Improve job efficiency and increase employee accountability

Hat’s off to Henry and his company for implementing the much needed Rapid Improvement Plan. If you would like to discuss how TRXio will make an immediate impact on your business. For more advice on doing it right the first time, or tips on inventory control, contact us at 844-868-7225.

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