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Can QuickBooks Track Inventory?

Can QuickBooks Track Inventory?

It can now!

Can Quickbooks track inventory?

QuickBooks Online does not currently track item-level or serialized inventory, TRXio now offers this vital feature to transitioning to QuickBooks Online. If you are considering to move your  business to the cloud and worry about the limitations in the online version of QuickBooks then TRXio is your solution not only meet but far exceed the functionality of cloud based accounting platforms.

You will save time from trying to connect remotely from an office computer, or requiring others to log-off in order for you to pull the information you need.

Additionally, the new integration with QuickBooks Online allows TRXio to:

  1. Sync customers, vendors, orders and products

  2. Push filled invoices and item receipt

  3. Pull estimates from QuickBooks Online to TRXio for fulfillment

For more information on the TRXio-QuickBooks Online integration, or to see a demo, please contact us at 844-868-7225.

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