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Can a Cloud Based Enterprise System Benefit Your Business?

Cloud Based Enterprise System

Cloud Based ERP Benefits

  1. Enhanced Visibility – Cloud ERP helps to establish complete visibility of every stage of the supply chain management and manufacturing processes. Cloud-based ERP integrates all essential functions into one system. This lets manufacturers coordinate and monitor every stage of the process through a single point of view.

  2. Single Database for Accessing Big Data – Cloud based enterprise systems allow different business departments in a manufacturing firm to store and access information from a single database. This is an important element to provide uniformity in the decision-making process. When the database is maintained in the cloud, manufacturing firms do not have the cost of a large and expensive on-premise infrastructure. This feature of storing, managing, and accessing Big Data is the driving force behind the immense popularity of using cloud computing for organizations.

  3. Improved Security – Cloud ERP systems ensure your data is stored in secured facilities. Providers use enhanced security measures by investing in the appropriate infrastructure required to maintain security of the platforms on which their apps are based. In addition, they employ their own security measures guided by industry standards, further guaranteeing improved data security for manufacturing firms.

  4. On-Demand Availability of Data – One of the biggest advantages of ERP is its ability to provide on-demand data. Manufacturing firms can access information whenever they need to. This lets every department working at different levels of supply chain management to respond actively to the changing business needs that emerge on a daily basis.

  5. Improved Work Productivity – Cloud computing allows for seamless integration of manufacturing processes with ERP systems. This increases work productivity through the ease of which data is processed. Employees can access information in real-time much faster and easier than before. It leads to making critical business decisions faster and more efficiently. This improved productivity will ultimately translate into business growth.

  6. Better Mobile Integration – A more mobile workforce is a fast-emerging trend that is changing the culture of most organizations. Cloud service providers have geared up their infrastructure to integrate cloud computing into mobile devices. By incorporating cloud ERP into smartphones, laptops, and tablets, mobile and remote employees can take care of business matters on the spot, no matter where they are located.

  7. Enhanced Performance Efficiency – When employees deliver quality work, organizations reap the benefits with better business efficiency. With the use of cloud ERP systems, firms are better equipped to manage their processes and quickly transform customer quotes into purchase orders. This improves revenue and increases the overall efficiency of the company.

  8. Reduced Costs – Cost benefits are probably the biggest advantages garnered from cloud ERP solutions. Manufacturing firms reported a huge savings in IT expenditures in areas like infrastructure, maintenance, and life-cycle costs. Since you pay only for as much as you need, there is also increased savings for your IT overhead.

  9. Enhanced Scalability – A popular feature of cloud-based ERP is that it is extremely scalable. In fact, cloud computing grew in leaps and bounds due to its sharp focus on customer needs. Manufacturing firms can scale up or down, based on their requirements. As hardware or software demands vary, cloud ERP lets organizations increase or decrease their usage in accordance to that need.

Manufacturers who use cloud-based ERPs have discovered the technology offers solutions in every step of the processes. It’s collaborative and mobile applications improve productivity while increasing efficiencies and decreasing expenses. Companies can access Big Data whenever they need to further business strategies and objectives. To take advantage of one of the greatest resources modern technology has to offer, businesses need to just look up to the cloud.

TRXio is a cloud-based ERP that offers many of the cloud based ERP benefits. To learn more about our cloud based enterprise system, or for more tips on cloud based ERP systems for manufacturing, please contact us at 844-868-7225.

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