Know the status of your inventory and workflows - In an instant

Cairnstack offers the most intelligent tools for tracking & tracing any form of asset or inventory


TRXio = "Tracks" the "in's" and "out's" of products as they move through the supply chain. 

MorTrack transparent logistics

Modernizing the Mortuary Transport Operations with User Friendly Workflow Management Software 

 PTI compliance for farmers

Case level & Hybrid Pallet Tag Labeling For Produce

If you can tag it, we can track it.

We've taken proven product identification technology and "Leveled Up"  by adding a mixture of software and hardware such as; Mobile phones (BYOD), Internet of Things (IoT), IP camera technology and other smart devices to create both active and passive tracking workflows and data collections to track almost any form of inventory.  

Actively Tracking 

Over $ 31 Billion

in Inventory and Assets

* Based on industry averages, then quantified against actual in-house data reviews and real customer feedback.

Where we make a difference:


Custom versus Configuration  

As business owners, process engineers, and in house developers.  We know what it is like to get full product buy-in from multiple divisions or stakeholders.

Therefore, We believe in the 80/20 rule. If we have 80% of what you need in one of our existing applications, we can in most cases re-configure proven, existing or underlying code faster, with less expense or headache.  
Save your in-house development teams for the industry specific projects.  Leave the all-in-one solutions for someone who wants all compromised outcomes.  

Need something custom?  Just ask!

At Cairnstack Software, we offer options to ensure you can reach an informed tech approach decision quickly.  From free trial periods and pay-as-you-go pilot programs.  Roll out a single use case tracking program or embark on a multi-divisional workflow improvement platform.


  Our applications can connect with your existing systems to "try" systems with minimal extra work for your team.  This makes receiving "buy in" from your team much less painful and gives you the data you need to make positive changes.

Success with Cairnstack Software

Knowledgeable live Colorado based support before, during and after your company's on-boarding

Realistic & Fair Pricing with flexible Contracts

Thoughtful custom solutions, meaningful analytics for strategic outcomes