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Reasons to Begin a Conversation

About Our Business

We started Cairnstack based on an obsession with automating processes and tracking inventory. Today, our clients manage and track over $27 billion in assets and inventory using our software.

Clients come from multiple industries with varying inventory and tracking needs.

From the start-ups to the mega enterprises and everyone in between. When you need to be more certain about your inventory, we're here to help.

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Our Philosophy

Businesses are defined by the products they produce as well as the users experience during each stage in the products life-cycle. Knowledge of who, what, when, where, how and why's associated with their products can make all of the difference.

At Cairnstack Software, we assist clients in visualizing their products in new ways throughout their entire life. Through software and integrations; we jump missing links in supply chains to pick up where common traceability or custody control may be lacking or stops altogether.

We provide resources to enhance; inventory intelligence, business accountability, and the consumer experience.

TRXio = "Tracks" the "in's" and "out's" of products, people and processes

Modernizing custody management with electronic forms, e-signature and automated document sharing for the funeral industry

Case Level with Hybrid Pallet Tag Labeling

For Produce & Fresh Logistics Compliance

What we do

Cairnstack offers the most intelligent tools for tracking & tracing any form of asset or inventory


Our tools will turn your business into an efficient, well-oiled, and scalable machine.

Contact Us

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One of the best business decisions I’ve made.

Now as I’m growing,

MorTrack makes things so much easier.
The ID badges provide employee identification and proof that we are supposed to be there, and the badges makes the driver’s life easier.

– Overall

MorTrack has catered to us by customizing the product and to meet all of our needs. We have found out what works best for us on the administrative end, and what works for the drivers and what they need and can see.
The turn-by-turn GPS instructions is very valuable.

– Customization

"Before TRXio, we were using Excel and a custom ‘equipment log’ spreadsheet, but this was very cumbersome and prone to error. As sales volume increased, we needed a way to track equipment and parts through the job cycle."

– Rob Demeter, Octopus Yachts


Through intuitive applications and existing business system integrations; we reconnect missing links in supply chains to pick up where traceability, custody or process visualizations may be lacking or may have stopped altogether. 

Working with our process engineers we assist your team with resources to enhance; inventory intelligence, business accountability, and the consumer experience.

Our Primary Applications

Image by Paul Volkmer

We're growing! As a result we are upgrading our phone system. On January 12th 2023 there is a chance some of our phone forwarding may not be fully functional during the transition. If you call and do not get through. Please email SUPPORT@CAIRNSTACK.COM with your question with a call back number and we can call you within minutes. Thank you!

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