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Provide transparency in products and services to ensure consumers have confidence in their origin, production, handling, and transportation methods.

Today, Cairnstack Software clients manage and are actively tracking over $182 billion in assets and inventory using the software applications we develop, host and support.

TRXio = "Tracks" the "in's" and "out's" of products, people and processes

Decedent transport & Funeral Home Software applications for the deathcare industry.   

PTI compliant case & hybrid pallet labeling and inventory platform for the produce & fresh logistics industries.

 Our Primary Applications

Businesses are defined by internal processes

It's difficult to dispute that a vast majority of products are commodities.  Yet, How your organization manages, moves and delivers each product is what creates value. 
 Knowledge of the "who", "what", "when", "where", and "why's" associated with products makes all of the difference.

At Cairnstack Software, we assist clients in visualizing their products in new ways. We help increase the visibility throughout the entire life-cycle.

Through application awareness and integrations our clients are able to bridge missing links in supply chains. Pick up where common traceability or custody control may be lacking or disappears altogether.

We provide resources to enhance; inventory intelligence,  streamline business accountability, and offer real-time information to improve the consumer experience.

We began our journey searching for better information to make better decisions

  • Reasons to Begin a Conversation
    We'll help your teams become better custodians of your brand. We'll provide better information on product movements that affect your bottom line Bridge gaps in supply chains to collect data about your products even when they are out of your custody or control. Add passive tracking tools to products for pennies that work both in and beyond your warehouses Gain insights into the full life-cycle of your products.
  • Do you have questions about your supply chain?
    Once a product leaves your facility, you have often lost the ability to learn how it is used or where it goes. Using tools developed by Cairnstack. Businesses worldwide have increased their knowledge of maintenance schedules, ownership changes, as well as full life-cycles of products at scale.
  • Is unauthorized resale, gray market distribution, and counterfeit products a liability for your Company and Brand?
    Product divergence is a dangerous liability for all companies. It only takes a few poorly executed copies of one of your products in the hands of the right people to destroy a brand. It has happened time and time again where bad imitations are returned to the manufacturing teams for service. Only to learn that the product purchased with your brand name all over it - wasn't made by your brand. It was copied and distributed outside your network and an uneducated customer makes the purchase. The customer got a deal, but it broke. Now it's back at your door and it becomes your problem. The customer purchased an experience your product provides. Where do you draw the line? What is your brand's promise and what is it worth in their minds?
  • "Just-in-time" inventory - is still holding inventory.
    is still holding inventory. It was all the rage pre-covid to solely rely on local distributors for day-to-day products to keep teams working in the field. One thing that the pandemic has taught us is "Just-in-time" (JIT) inventory if available, was suddenly far more expensive. From our experience, JIT management quickly ate away from bottom lines. Add to the situation where "If" you could get materials, there has been a widespread increase in shipping fees and internal logistics overhead. What we have learned from our customers is even if you are able to use JIT inventory. It doesn't offer a benefit from a point of view of liability. Once an item is in your custody. If you hold that inventory for an hour or a year before it's delivered to the customer. You are still holding inventory. A lot can happen during the time inventory is in custody. Besides as a customer, we purchased an experience, your inventory is providing that experience. If something isn't right or a situation changes knowing exactly what you have and how it can be utilized is the key to happy customers and long term success.


Through intuitive applications and existing business system integrations; we reconnect missing links in supply chains to pick up where traceability, custody or process visualizations may be lacking or may have stopped altogether.

Working with our process engineers we assist your team with resources to enhance; inventory intelligence, business accountability, and the consumer experience.


Our tools will turn your business on

an efficient, well-oiled, and scalable


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