Inventory Track and Trace Technology for Organizational Growth

Manage and track items in a warehouse or vehicle? Food products? Or biological materials? We offer different inventory management and digital transformation applications for success in a world where logistics matter

Being certain about your inventory means: 

  • Knowing where your inventory is in real-time and who has handled it

  • Stop unintentionally under or overstocking your top products

  • Avoid delivery delays to keep promises

  • Detecting theft and mishandling of products

  • Identify bottlenecks in your internal workflows and even the supply chain.

  • Learn about your end user like never before

If you can tag it, we can track it.

We know— no one likes to "do inventory." However, every business has some form of inventory. No one ever said  "We're okay being uncertain about the status of our inventory". Especially when inventory is the life blood of most businesses.

That's why we offer inventory management and digital transformation applications to create certainty and as a result the confidence to push harder and grow smarter. 

We've taken proven product identification technology and "Leveled Up"  by adding a mixture of software and hardware such as; Mobile phones (BYOD), Internet of Things (IoT), IP camera technology and other smart devices to create both active and passive tracking workflows and data collections to track almost any form of inventory.  

"Working with Cairnstack Software and implementing TRXio into our daily

work routine has improved our efficiency at managing inventory immeasurably."   


- Octopus Yachts

Unique device identification with LiveQR's

  • Automated itemized (individual) assignment of UDID (unique device identification) codes to an item 

  • Regardless of your items to be tracked. We work with you to create a identifier protocol that works with your workflows and applications.  From paper and synthetic label stock, to wrist or ankle tags, to stainless steel engraved plating and laser engraved markings we work with you to get the right solution. 

  • Accurately monitor millions (or even billions) of individual and unique items

  • Link each item or product to a unique web page designed to offer both public and user credential secured  data returning relevant and up-to-the-moment information for the user or end-user 

  • Track products all along the supply chain, creating real-time records of products, batches, lots, parts, and materials.

Understand the entire history of a product's journey— Bill of Materials design and execution tools along with , who touched it, who moved it, kitting and pick list creation information, delivery information, and much more!

Actively Tracking Over $27 Billion in  

Assets and Inventory.

Our clients manage and track inventory levels within the most regulated industries, including:

Aerospace and defense

Agriculture, fresh logistics, food production

Consumer electronics

Healthcare and PPE

Medical and mortuary sciences

Specialty marine

What’s the bottom line? With our inventory tracking and digitization software, you can dramatically improve operational efficiency with accurate and real-time inventory management. Our clients have lowered management costs by more than $9000 per employee per year offering a ROI in less than 90 days and several cases - in less than a week!


TRXio = "Tracks" the "in's" and "out's" of products as they move through the supply chain. 

Any company with the desire to have a high level of traceability within their inventory and reduce lost profits. If it can be tagged, it can be tracked. 

 Modernize and digitize processes,  use less effort to manage products, people and processes. 

Know where your inventory is, who touched it and where it is along a process.  

  • Real-time traceability of inventory

  • Unique Item Level Labeling capabilities

  • Allows for and fosters good habits relating to FIFO (FIrst In, and First out inventory cycles)

  • Maps a digital twin throughout an item's complete life cycle

  • Multi-location and mobile location separation for inventory consumption and flow.

  • Credential based access keeps users on track with workflows that are easy, fast and combine many manual steps

Rock ORN background rev1.png

Modernizing the Mortuary Transport Operations with User Friendly Workflow Management Software 

Mortrack is the premier accountability tool for first call removal and mortuary companies.  By digitizing the paperwork required in the crime scene cleanup, mortuary sciences, and medical research industries MorTrack streamlines then offers an amazing report dashboard to view day-to-day workloads as well as nuance information that has never been available to all levels of organizations.  By embracing mobile devices with both an Android and iOS native apps Mortrack is able to provide all the real time responsiveness of a cloud based system with the security and control of an in-house logistics platform.

  • Removal services initial contact portal

  • Full API integration directly from your existing call centers 

  • Super efficient Dispatch workflows

  • Driver workflows that keep the most important information at a touch of a button

  • Real-time GPS location mapping with traffic and best route driving instructions

  • Capture proof of acceptance signatures electronically

  • Email and API connections 

 PTI compliance for farmers

Case level & Hybrid Pallet Tag Labeling For Produce

PTIprint proudly serves those in the fresh produce, juice and raw tea industries.  We specialize in the ability to build small batch, mixed pallets, and quick-change commodity and source management.

Provides food labeling compliant with the USDA & FDA Produce Traceability Initiative that also comply with Whole foods, Sam's Club, WalMart, Kroger, Aldi foods and many other retailer requirements. 

  • Track your products by SKU, LOT #, location, by buyer,  and even by destination

  • Real-Time, One-up and one-down visibility with easy to understand reporting

  • Automatic cloud backups of all of your data beyond FDA requirements 

  • Be more than just compliant, Add inventory  and order management, along with Bill of Lading and invoice creation. 

What we do and how we do it!

We believe in the 80/20 rule. If we have 80% of what you need in one of our existing applications, we can adjust the underlying code faster with less expense and headache than if you were to attempt to develop software in-house. 

If you’re needs require a fully customized or white-labeled application, we also offer full custom software development services too.

Tracking Software in Action 

Lab Materials Tracking | Graduating From Spreadsheets

A lab manager came to us with a problem we’ve seen many times— they were using large spreadsheets and email to manage their lab materials. It was not secure and cumbersome. Plus, when someone incorrectly entered information into the spreadsheet, it caused massive disruption to their operation and material availability issues. It was time to modernize their system.

We set up our TRXio software to track their lab materials with the ability to store critical information associated with each item they track. For this client, storage temperature, shipping temperature, and animal origin were some of the critical data points that they needed to see in their system, so we made that happen. We also made it possible to attach a Certificate of Authorization (CoA) to each item so that it could be pulled up quickly and
printed with just a few clicks.

When the project was complete, this client had a secure platform that was easy to learn and saved them a lot of time.

Tracking The Deceased | Removing paperwork 

When someone dies, one of the first things needed is to move the deceased to a funeral home or a temporary storage location for embalming or other preparation. It sounds simple, but it’s really a pretty involved process with an intensive trail of paperwork and verification's. A company who specializes in decedent transportation contacted us to modernize their operations.


With the need to track drivers, collection routes, the vehicle’s available capacity, and the required forms  for each decedent they transport. The previous workload was labor intensive that involved spreadsheets, text messaging, and loads of duplicate entry. Far from ideal.


Using the MorTrack's platform, The first call company has a central hub for all employees and management to quickly receive the initial call from a third-party call center, delegate and prioritize calls on the fly and and to the receiving entity. 


Now when a new request is received, it’s entered via API integration with their call center or by a web-based form that alerts the dispatch team to a new collection.  A live map with the real-time location of each driver along with their available capacity is viewable to the dispatcher on duty to help them assign the collection by geographically or by capacity. Dispatch even is alerted to any required PPE and resources may be necessary. 


All of the “paperwork” drivers hate filling out on pick up and delivery is now streamlined using mobile tablets. This saves drivers time and it allows for pertinent documentation to be emailed to all parties involved, automatically.


No more lost forms or missed text messages.

Live Denver Colorado based support before and after on-boarding

Realistic & Fair Pricing and Contracts

Thoughtful custom solutions and analytics

At Cairnstack Software, we offer options to ensure you can reach an informed tech approach decision quickly.  From free trial periods and pay-as-you-go pilot programs.  Roll out a single use case tracking program or embark on a multi-divisional workflow improvement pilot.  Our applications can connect with your existing systems to "try" systems with minimal extra work for your team.  This makes receiving "buy in" from your team much less painful and gives you the data you want.

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Cairnstack Software provides cloud-based track and trace systems to help SMB's, to enterprise-level organizations to monitor products, people, and processes.


We proudly offer and support TRXio, PTIPrint, MorTrack, and Bi4Ci software platforms. 

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