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Custom development focusing on track & trace technology

In most cases, augmentation of current databases or systems is less evasive than looking for a single solution to add functionality to your organization.  From rebooting an RFID software integration project to adding functionality to an existing ERP system, or even considering the possibilities of utilizing Business Intelligence with Machine learning in your organization.  We can work with, or assist your internal development team to add functionality or increase the data gathering capabilities for the division or an entire organization. 

We Understand Enterprise Engagements

Use TRXio as a front end data collection system

Our Front End Developers Focus on the Language and Technology for Mission Critical Processes

Every development team has a list of languages they say they can work with. In reality, it's a much smaller group of languages they really excel at.  We have a strong development team that can work within, around, and in parallel with many languages and connection styles.  Here is what we work on every day: 

Desktop:  PHP, Laravel, HTML, VueJS, JavaScript, Reactjs

Mobile: React native, Apple Xcode, and Android Studio

Direct Connect or through API

Any system available in today's production software environment requires a solid API along with state-of-the-art security to ensure data security and accuracy:  

OAuth and OpenID connection authentication technologies

Transmission and storage encryption

Various verification Authentication protocols

Monitoring and data validation best practices

 User, access and root layer Audit control and logging

Choose your connection type: Direct, API to data lake, API to shell DB, etc.

Storage Types

Whether we are connecting your IoT devices or third-party mobile devices to our cloud or yours,  we can work with your team to ensure the data is in context, accurate, and error-free.  

Our team focuses on MySQL, MsSQL, NoSQL, and Oracle database structures  

Linux & Windows Server hardware and management know-how 

Need us to host your application?  We have strategically located server locations in both the US and Canada that are load balanced and fully monitored

HIPAA-compliant hosted hardware with BAA’s is also available.

Work with hardware you may already have

Want to reboot a tracking project that was using barcodes, QR codes, or other serialized optical identifications, or maybe an RFID project that you have considerable investments in hardware and tags?  We can help!  Use those existing tags and reader infrastructure to collect data that is usable and viewable within our applications or as a link to your platform.

We have extensive experience with;

Consumer and Industrial Printers

RFID Readers and tags

Mobile and fixed location scanners

Other Smart-based handhelds

Various IoT devices

Augment your current solution by adding a branded mobile app  

Hearing "we've got an app for that" is more than trendy phrase.  In today's competitive product markets. Having a mobile app that does more than simple marketing functions is a must when it comes to both internal and end user experience.   

Apple devices such as iPads and iPhones

 Android tablets, phones and smart devices 

 Chrome & Safari Browser based applications on legacy hardware

 Windows dedicated hardware

 IoT dedicated hardware

We do the work to integrate to your applications

  Increase your applications data collection footprint without major system overhauls or multi-divisional efforts.  Gain the insights about your products movements, usage and location with hardware you most likely already own.

Gain real-time data analytics for better decision making.  

  At Cairnstack Software we increase widespread acceptance on application rollouts

 because we focus on the employee interface as much as the data collected.

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