TRXio is a cloud-based, simple-to-use, comprehensive inventory management solution, designed to organize inventory, create consistency and minimize costs

Mobile Apps

Access to data anytime, anywhere

TRXio on the go

Access to data anytime, anywhere!

  • Widely deployable iOS and Android mobile applications to conduct your inventory management while out in the field.

  • Connects your field and office staff simultaneously in real-time.

  • Easily create, fill and update the status of your orders and projects at customer job sites.

  • Simplifies tasks out in the field so your staff can focus on your customers’ needs.

  • Take and upload item photos and condition notes remotely.

  • Geo-location data is automatically recorded and stored in the program for accurate traceability.

About Us

Cairnstack Software provides cloud-based inventory tracking systems to help SMB's to enterprise-level organizations track and monitor products, people, and processes.


We proudly offer and support TRXio, PTIPrint, MorTrack, and Bi4Ci software platforms. 

Designed, built and fully supported in Denver Colorado, USA





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