TRXio is a cloud-based, simple-to-use, comprehensive inventory management solution, designed to organize inventory, create consistency and minimize costs

Frequently asked questions

How do you pronounce TRXio?

Don't worry, we get this a lot. It's Tracks-I-O because we track your "Ins" and "Outs".

How long does it take to get up and running with TRXio?

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How many users can access TRXio at one time?

There is no limit to the number of users who can access the TRXio system at one time. All you have to do is set the users up with their own credentials. Each TRXio team license includes one Administrator User and 4 additional users that can be assigned the same or different access levels by user.

How do I learn how to use TRXio?

There are many ways to learn TRXio! First, every new account comes with two hours of complimentary virtual training. From there, we offer a suite of options depending on your learning style. For visual learners, we offer a full library of "How To" videos on the website and even more on our support portal. For those who prefer to read, we have a support portal with pages and pages of written directions, explanations and other workflow examples for your review. If you are more of a hands-on learner, we offer one-on-one training options that can be scheduled to be at the most convenient time for you. Finally, for those who like to talk to a real person; we have a full support staff that is available during business hours and beyond. Just send us an email and we will be there for you.

How many staff members can be trained as part of the TRXio support process?

We can train as many or as few users as you wish as part of an hour-long video conference session. Commonly this is plenty of time to understand the basics. Documentation is always available on our support portal. Adding new employees can be difficult when the transfer of knowledge has not been as thorough as the former employee could have been. We understand this and offer one-on-one training sessions for purchase as needed. We can run your new employee through on "their" portion of the platform in about an hour.

How do I manage upgrades?

TRXio is a cloud-based platform and as a result, upgrades are automatically pushed. Most of the time, users can simply refresh the browser page or log out then log back in to see the updates. TRXio is designed to work on the latest version of Google Chrome. From time to time the browser will need to be updated and in some cases the cache cleared.

Is the QR code solution included in the cost?

Yes! The LiveQR codes are included in the platform license up to 1 million LiveQR codes per year. Beyond that quantity we have very aggressive tiered pricing to match your needs.

Is TRXio compatible with QuickBooks?

Yes! TRXio supports connections with most versions of QuickBooks desktop 2016 and newer. (Pro, Contractor, Enterprise, etc.) Recently we released QuickBooks Online as an option for accounting software too. TRXio can also connect with 300+ common business software platforms through Zapier and our Restful API. Check out our Integrations page to learn more.

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