TRXio is a cloud-based, simple-to-use, comprehensive inventory management solution, designed to organize inventory, create consistency and minimize costs

Your Guide to Inventory Enlightenment

Make managing your inventory and assets painless with reliable and real-time information.

Idle inventory costs you money. Increase your turns with better inventory intelligence. Put your money back to work by allowing TRXio to ensure you have the right inventory, in the right places, at the right time. With our item level traceability platform, you can easily manage loss before it happens. Don’t just work to survive in business, thrive with TRXio to give your organization all of the advantages possible.


Let's Label

Move It

Sell It





Stock It

Item Detail

Consistency Fosters Improvement

Eliminate manual processes

Discover operational trends with instant access to current inventory status and movement analytics.

Tracking staff time only tells half of the story. TRXio offers workflows that highlight areas for improvement with quantifiable information.

Manage projects with real-time inventory data to create consistent, sustainable results for your customers. Benefit from the ability to track down lost items, view product divergence or ensure proper product fulfillment. TRXio is inventory enlightenment.

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Cairnstack Software provides cloud-based track and trace systems to help SMB's, to enterprise-level organizations to monitor products, people, and processes.


We proudly offer and support TRXio, PTIPrint, MorTrack, and Bi4Ci software platforms. 

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