TRXio and QuickBooks

TRXio can integrate with both the ONLINE and DESKTOP versions of QuickBooks.

Let's connect!

From direct integrations to a straight forward API it is simple to connect and save double data entry. 


  Have a project management, CRM, operations and financial tools you already use and like?  Lets connect them with TRXio!

QuickBooks by intuit

QuickBooks is the the clear leader in the market when it comes to general accounting and financial tracking for small and medium sized businesses. 


Here is a high level look at the integration with QuickBooks. 

What syncs both-directions


Product information


Purchase orders


What syncs one way from QuickBooks to TRXio

Product cost default

Estimates become Orders or Projects

Orders created in QuickBooks

What Syncs one way from TRXio to QuickBooks

Item cost (not-averaged) on items on closed orders

Item quantity (total quantity only)

Completed orders pushed as invoices


click here to access our full QuickBooks API mapping flow document.

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