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Why We Make Software and Not Videos…

Well CEDIA 2015 was a huge success for TRXio.  We won some awards for our inventory tracking software, reconnected with some great friends and made some key alliances.  In the coming months we will be making the our inventory management software platform connect to even more software solutions you already use.  We are not only making your existing software better we are shortening the time needed on data entry for all of the new products becoming available.  We still struggle with one thing… talking on camera.  And really, who wants to be in front of a camera?!  Not me.  Regardless, check out this video at the CEDIA 2015 show in Dallas. We do manage to highlight some features of our software.  Most of all, thank you for your support and interest in making the workplace a more organized – one label at a time.

To view some of our other feature we forgot to mention visit our website here.

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