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TRXio Adds New Features

TRXio Adds New Features
  1. Reserve on Receive – This setting gives the option of simultaneously receiving items into inventory and reserving those received items for an existing order…all in one workflow.

  2. Last Internal Location – Allows the receiving workflow to “remember” the last internal location where an item was received to. When a user selects a product type to add into inventory, TRXio will automatically select the internal destination to the same location that was chosen when that type of product was previously added into inventory.

  3. Brands, Families, and Vendors – These items can now be added directly from the “Product Information” page, instead of having to go to another page to add them.

  4. Purchase Orders – A full-function purchase order workflow feature designed to close the financial loop on purchasing and reduce the headaches associated with procurement. The PO function can also print all the labels on a PO with one button press. That’s right! You no longer have to receive one item type at a time.

If you have any questions about TRXio’s new features, please contact our team at 844-868-7225 or We are here to help you track your inventory in the most efficient way possible.

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