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Starbucks Implements Traceability Technology

Starbucks Traceability

Inventory traceabiliity

TRXio, we are always looking for great ways to illustrate its importance. This leads us to Starbucks. As you sip your morning coffee, have you ever been curious about where your beans were farmed, traded or roasted? Maybe (or maybe not) but Starbucks recently announced that it is implementing a pilot program to allow traceability in the “bean to cup” journey.

To implement this new innovative new traceability technology over the next two years, Starbucks will partner with select coffee farmers in Costa Rica, Colombia and Rwanda by connecting the coffee drinker with the coffee bean farmer. The program will include a new feature on the Starbucks mobile app that will allow customers to scan a package of Starbucks Pike Place® Roast with their phones to view data that digitally traces the package’s journey from its place of origin to the store. The ultimate goal of Starbucks’ new program is to increase transparency and accountability. According to the press release, customers will see that “80% of their cup’s coffee beans came from Colombia and 20% came from Brazil. They’ll see the beans are verified as 100% ethically and sustainably sourced.”

TRXio, inventory management software, is unique since it offers item-level inventory traceability. When you think of traceability, think of a coffee bean making its “bean to cup” journey. TRXio tracks an individual item through its entire life cycle, giving access to valuable data and sending alerts when an item reaches its final destination. In the end, traceability maximizes efficiency, reduces loss, increases profitability, and fosters employee accountability all while maintaining the identity of the organization or product.

Arthur Karuletwa, director of traceability at Starbucks, was quoted in an article on the Starbucks website saying,

“Digital has become the economic engine of this century, and traceability preserves the most valuable assets we have as human beings – our identity.”

Contact us to see how TRXio can add traceability to your organization, then give you another selling point for you to be able to offer a trail of accountability to your customers.  We all want to know.

For more information on TRXio’s traceability feature, please contact us at 844-868-7225. We would love to help you track your coffee beans (or anything else!).

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