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Simply Reliable and TRXio Webinar

Recently, I had the opportunity to participate in a webinar with Tom Coffin and Chris Jaffe of Simply Reliable. It’s great to team up with Simply Reliable because our two companies soul goal is to help small businesses run their day-to-day operations efficiently. They do a great job of handling the proposal planning and management part of running a business and we handle the inventory and complete the orders those proposals turn into.

Part of what we accomplish with TRXio is keeping a business’s assets from becoming liabilities. I define a company’s assets as their inventory, their capital investments, such as trucks and buildings, and their employee’s efficiency. When all of these are being used to their full potential they are assets. When things begin to not work efficiently then these assets have the potential to become liabilities.

Often, the efficiency with which a company is using their assets can be measured by time. How quickly can a business store and retrieve inventory? How quickly can they put together an order? How quickly can they assess what’s stored in their vehicles and what is needed? When inventory is doing nothing or is not accounted for it becomes a liability.

I spent thirteen years running an A/V business and facing these questions on a daily basis. I developed TRXio in order to address these questions. Being able to quickly and accurately track all your inventory saves time in putting together orders. It saves money by keeping your business from ordering inventory you don’t need or making sure you have the inventory you do need. This keeps your employees working efficiently, with less down time.

If you’d like, watch some of the webinar below. I go into a little more detail about how TRXio works with orders and projects, as well as how it links up with Simply Reliable’s excellent proposal management software. Thanks for reading!

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