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NYC: Tracking Assets on a Large Scale

New York City Tracks Assets with RFID Tagging

Asset Tracking

5 Ways New York City Has Embraced RFID Technology.” The article points out that, “in many industries, both private and public, RFID technology provides a huge benefit in keeping the city running smoothly.” It is a great example of how all organizations, from small companies to large cities, are using asset tracking to know where their “stuff” is at all times.

What is an Asset? An asset is defined as an item that a company owns, including equipment, computers, machinery, furniture and office supplies, or in the FDNY’s case, even personnel. How Does New York City Track its Assets? Schino asks in his article, “Have you ever wondered how the city stays organized, efficiently run, and safe?” Since New York City is home to over eight million people, it must keep running smoothly. Here are a few ways that New York City is tracking its assets using RFID technology:

  1. FDNY Firefighters: Prior to the 9/11 tragedy, which cost hundreds of  firefighter lives, the FDNY kept track of its 15,000 firefighters using a paper/carbon list. After 9/11, it sought to find a more reliable way to track its firefighters, so it partnered with the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) Space Systems to implement a system to allow them to know which firefighter was on which truck at all times. The RFID technology system tracks each firefighter via a tag sewn into their jacket.

  2. Construction: RFID technology was also used during the construction of One World Trade Center, or the “Freedom Tower.” The technology was used to monitor foundation temperatures during the drying process to ensure that it was sturdy.

  3. Citi Bikes: New York’s City’s public bicycle sharing system, Citi Bikes, is the nation’s largest bike share program. According to its website, Citi Bikes manages over 12,000 bikes and 750 stations across Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and Jersey City. It keeps track of all of these bikes by tagging each one with RFID technology and GPS units. It publically shares all of the data obtained from each bike, even offering a downloadable report on its website to answer questions like, “Where do Citi Bikers ride? When do they ride? How far do they go? Which stations are most popular? What days of the week are most rides taken on?”

It is crucial to effectively track your assets since many of them have a limited lifespan and you need to be ready to replace them, or locate them at a moment’s notice.

TRXio is a very effective asset tracking solution, as it tracks assets on a check-in, check out basis. This allows employees to know exactly where a specific item is located in real time. Using TRXio for asset management can result in better knowledge of where your equipment is at any given time, which reduces labor costs, eliminates equipment losses, and reduces unnecessary duplicate purchases. So, take a cue from New York City and track your assets.

For more information on asset tracking or RFID technology, please contact TRXio at 844-868-7225.

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