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Inventory Management Software Tutorial – How to Add Inventory

I’ve written about some of the features in the TRXio system and how and why we develop them. Now I can show you how to use some of the basic inventory management techniques of TRXio with videos. While we give screen-share demos and hold online webinars weekly, we are aware that some people just want to watch a video or two. These videos are also helpful for people looking for the answers to questions about TRXio without having to call or email.

This first video is about how to perform basic setup necessary for adding products to your account. This includes adding information like brands and sources to the system so they can be associated with inventory you add to your account. This is a necessary step to enable all the inventory management techniques available in TRXio. I hope you’ll take a couple minutes to watch the video and learn some of the basics of TRXio!

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