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Inventory Control = More Profitability in 2019

Happy New Year from TRXio! What is the fastest way to a more profitable 2019? The answer is simple. Inventory control.

Multiple studies have revealed that regardless of industry, businesses lose or misplace 6% to 10% of their inventory each year, which greatly impacts profitability.  Through traceability, TRXio makes it easy to track, monitor and audit inventory in real-time, which increases profitability.

Consider a tool that has proven its worth time and time again by increasing profit in as little as 10 days. TRXio makes it easy to track, monitor and audit your inventory by utilizing real-time data to reduce inventory loss, eliminate waste and increase efficiency.

Good news! TRXio’s holiday offer has been extended through January 11, 2019. Don’t miss this opportunity to increase your profitability in 2019 with inventory control.

  1. Team Licenses: Team License users will receive one free additional user with the purchase of each additional user for one year. Limit of 10 free additional users ($120 – $1200 value).

  2. Solo Licenses: Solo License users will receive one additional free user with the purchase of each additional user to an existing solo account. New accounts can add the second user and receive a third user at no additional charge for one year ($159/month value).

  3. Pre-printed Labels – Buy two rolls of pre-printed labels, get one free. Limit of five free rolls.

  4. Buy a navigation kit and receive a third roll of pre-printed labels free – Receive 1500 labels and a scanner for $199.

Inventory control can make your business more profitable in 2019. Let us show you how. For more information on TRXio’s inventory control solution, please contact us at 844-868-7225.

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