Pricing with Mortrack is simple and straight forward.

To maximize the benefits and scale with your organization Mortrack is setup to bill by a annual license fee set by logical location, then a one time cost per decedent identified for transport that is billed monthly.

Decedents may be stored for longer than 30 days but there is only a one time charge per decedent(unit) identified.  

What is a Decedent/unit? 

To keep costs low and only charge for what you use.  From our experience, we found that a cost per decedent is a fair way to adjust to the ebb and flow of organizational needs. 
As your organization grows or load increases by time of the year, we can scale with you. 

From under 5 decedents per month to thousands or tens of thousands.  We can effectively track it for you with an accurate and cost effective plan. 

Decedent/Unit Fee Matrix:
Location Licensing:

What is a location license?

A location license is a logical geographic area where a group of from one to 32 drivers may be dispatched within Mortrack with ease.  That area can be as large as a region or as small as a single city.  

This works well when reporting is required for you company as a whole but you have drivers in two different states or regions,  For example: if your organization covers both Florida and Arkansas.  The map visualizations become difficult to manage when spread out over such a large area.  However a nationwide transport company may only need one license and they can view drivers across the entire North American continent.  

What we DON'T charge for:

  • Online and Webinar Training is INCLUDED!  If MorTrack isn't easy to use. Then we have work to do!

  • FREE platform updates with a regular roll-out schedule

  • FREE online technical & trouble ticket support through the account platform (web chat and phone access).

  • FREE access to a variety of common task “How To Videos and Tutorials”.

  • FREE API connections to call centers,  such as ASFS and ASD

What we sometimes charge for:

  • On-site training

  • Special workflow or software development (don't worry, we customize stuff all of the time)

  • Accounting integrations

  • Third party business software applications.  We have an API we can share!  


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