The First Call Experience


First calls don't have to be call at all. 

The process of receiving a call from a funeral home or morgue is time consuming and creates too many places to inject errors into the process.  

Clients have the power to enter their collection orders directly without a phone call or text messages.  

Customize fields to insure all relevant information is captured in one place -

including document uploads. 

Mortrack collection screenshot

Use a call center or 3rd party dispatch team?


Have them easily add decedent collections with the web based portal.


directly from your call center with our alliances with ASD, ASFS .  

upload files to Mortrack
Uploaded document to Mortrack
decedent upload

"We can tell the team at MorTrack has been on calls and spent time in the field. They understand how things work in the industry."

- M. Gaskin