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Frequently asked questions

How do I access MorTrack?

MorTrack can be accessed through Google Chrome on any internet-connected laptop or desktop computer, and via the MorTrack app on iPad OS or Android tablets with screen sizes of 7" or larger. The MorTrack app can be downloaded through the Apple Store and Google Play Store.

Is there a limit to how many decedents I can track?

There is no limit to the number of decedents whose information can be stored in MorTrack. MorTrack is built on a robust platform designed and tested to handle millions of units tracked per year.

Is there a user limit?

No. We can support all sizes of organizations and scale to meet your business needs. like any system there are theoretical limits to the amount of users that "make sense" to access the same user interface at a time. However, we have found that one license can easily visually manage more than 20-25 active drivers at at time. Any more and the mapping gets confusing as you run out of colors to distinguish between vehicle icons. So that is why there is a way to silo by region, area or driver groups with secondary network attached licenses.

Can I use an app on my Smartphone?

Yes you can! We suggest using a larger smartphone or tablet when in the field as it offers your clients the ability to see their documents easier then sign on a larger surface making the customer user experience better overall. The dispatch process most efficiently conducted on a windows OS based desktop or laptop. The larger screen offers better visualizations and can show more cases without scrolling.

What kind of customer support is provided?

As much as you need! We offer FREE Colorado based human beings that speak English as a first language to offer chat and phone support and Video conference "Zoom" style training sessions. There is also a wealth of information in the support area with videos, documents and how-to's to learn the workflows. Want to see for yourself? Call us now at 303-862-3000, then press the selection for support.

Do you offer a free Trial or a Pilot program?

Yes of course! Get in touch with our helpful sales representatives to get set up with a full featured demo account today!

Is MorTrack HIPAA compliant?

It can be, Depending on your business size, scope, and regional regulations, you can elect to license your account on a fully HIPAA compliant hosted server for an additional yearly fee. Additional fees apply for BAA agreements, compliance settings and setup. Please contact our support or sales department for more info and associated costs.

How will MorTrack work with my current answering service?

Yes, If your answering service will allow it, MorTrack can have the information collected by your answering service pushed directly into your account automatically. This will immediately alert your dispatch team to new cases in real-time. We work with AS4FS currently. However, Send us your answering service contacts. We will reach out to them to make the connections so it is as smooth of a transition as possible for you and your team.