The trusted source for human remains tracking for the mortuary and life-sciences industries

What exactly does MorTrack do?

Track humans and human remains/parts to mortuaries and educational sciences centers. 

Who would benefit from using the MorTrack platform?

Anyone that would like the peace of mind of tracking body parts or cadavers after they  pass away. 

How long does it take to get up and running with Mortrack?

Not long at all! Team size and involvement should be taken into consideration, but most teams are up and running within a day. Becoming comfortable within the software usually within a few weeks of use.

What other software does MorTrack integrate with?

Please see our integrations section for a full list of our software compatability.

Can I use the app on my phone?

Yes you can! Although we suggest using a tablet when in the field, recent tests are showing Mortrack running smoothly on modern mobile devices as well.

What kind of customer support is provided when I purchase?

We can train as many or as few users as you wish as part of an hour-long video conference session. Commonly this is plenty of time to understand the basics. Documentation is always available on our support portal. Adding new employees can be difficult when the transfer of knowledge has not been as thorough as the former employee could have been. We understand this and offer one-on-one training sessions for purchase as needed. We can run your new employee through on "their" portion of the platform in about an hour. In addition to the included training we have a full library of walk through tutorials and how-to videos. 

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes! Get in touch with any of our helpful sales representatives to get set up with a demo account today.

About Us

Cairnstack Software provides cloud-based inventory tracking systems to help small businesses and enterprise-level organizations track and monitor products, people, and processes. TRXio, PTIPrint, and MorTrack are the three software products we offer and support. 


TRXio tracks the "in's" and "out's" of products as they move about the supply chain. PTIPrint provides food labeling compliant with the USDA & FDA Produce Traceability Initiative. MorTrack offers identification tagging and tracking of human remains. 




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