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Empathy, and professionalism is always required, paperwork doesn't have to be.

From the first alert to the final receipt of drop off; The first steps with the newly deceased can be smoother for everyone involved.  By decreasing the amount of paperwork involved to collect, transfer and deliver your contract to the next step in their process.  This allows for a cleaner transition, less paperwork and less effort overall.  

Move into the future with the MorTrack mobile App! 

Mortrack ID badge front draft (assigned)

A click of a button and dispatch knows it has been accepted.  With turn-by-turn directions using google maps. Drivers are routed in the most efficient route possible.    

Drivers can view workloads with pick ups and drop-off locations that come with all the information to make the trip smooth.  From what personal protective equipment is recommended, to how many flights of stairs they are going to traverse.  Knowing what to expect is key! 

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​Ensuring the wishes and requirements are followed and the decedent is properly prepared for their journey all starts with positive identification. 

With both pre-printed ID tags as well as a "print-on-site" ankle or wrist ID tags.   Professionally verify decedent name, weight, gender, personal effects then desired destination to limit your time and exposure at the collection site.  


Complete the transaction with an electronic signature of the releasing party that instantly emails the funeral home that a collection has been made.