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MorTrack is a cloud-based, simple-to-use, comprehensive transport and tracking solution designed to support Mortuary Services providing peace of mind, creating operational efficiencies while minimizing costs.


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First Call


One simple form to fill out to alert transport companies of new pickup requests.

Capture all of the required information including Representation, pickup location, delivery location, priority, and PPE requirements.

Customizable fields to make sure all of the information that needs to be captured is done in one place.


Receive alerts of all new requests for pickup within the software.

Ability to see in real-time the mapped location of all drivers compared to the pickup locations.

Easily assign one or more drivers to each pickup location.

See available vehicle capacity.

Chronologically arranged notes display historical workflow details for each assignment.

Movement Analytics


Customizable reports provide insights into workflow effectiveness.


Understand demand capacity, assignment efficiency metrics by resource as well as driver service ratings.

Executive dashboards provide a holistic view of operations with graphical data visualizations in a single-page display.

Driver view


Receive alerts of new pending requests and assignments.

See your assigned pickups and drop-off locations, and receive turn-by-turn directions to get you there quickly and safely.

Easily capture electronic signatures of the releasing party.

Capture information about included personal effects.

Confirm pickup and delivery with the click of a button.

Easily add notes to each pickup or delivery.

Other Benefits At A Glance

  • Conveniently enter your data into the system by using your MorTrack dashboard, your mobile device, or integrating with the existing call center

  • Reduce the risk of lost paperwork

  • Capture Signatures Electronically

  • From pick up to final resting place, be in the know

  • Check and balance for chain of custody details

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About Us

Cairnstack Software provides cloud-based inventory tracking systems to help small businesses and enterprise-level organizations track and monitor products, people, and processes. TRXio, PTIPrint, and MorTrack are the three software products we offer and support. 


TRXio tracks the "in's" and "out's" of products as they move about the supply chain. PTIPrint provides food labeling compliant with the USDA & FDA Produce Traceability Initiative. MorTrack offers identification tagging and tracking of human remains. 




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