Modernize your Mortuary Transport company with user friendly workflow management software

The initial process of collecting the deceased requires a special team who can focus on the decedent while not be weighed down by paperwork and duplicate data entry at every step.  


MorTrack is the trusted online platform for companies to graduate from manual and paper based custody processes required to move and prepare the deceased for eternity. 

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One simple form to fill in.  Have your Funeral Home enter the data with their client access, by your dispatch team or can be entered automatically from your call center too.  MorTrack alerts your dispatch of a new pickup requests automatically.

This single form captures all of the required information including Representation, Pick-up and Destination locations. Along with all appropriate contact info.  Set priority and be notified of any possible special requirement or PPE warnings.

Customize input fields to augment your process insuring all relevant information is captured efficiently.

Personal Info

Personal Effects

Est. Weight

Special Handling

Contact Info

Contact info

Special instructions
Set Priorities

Site Info

PPE Requirements


Stairs, Etc.

Color coded dispatch screen for fast and error free assignments

Real-time mapped locations of all active drivers compared to the pickup locations with live traffic 


In the past , the Dispatcher's role has been vital to an organization.  The challenge of real location data was dependent on drivers answering phone calls or text messages, then relying on honesty alone concerning their real location.  Now view on a map their actual physical location, see current open vehicle capacity and more right from the dispatch screen. 


One button assigns the pick-up, then alerts the driver to the new assignment. Drivers can see where they need to go and have the option to either accepts the assignment or offers a reason for the decline, all from one user interface.

Speed up the dispatch process or even have one of your drivers manage it all remotely.



Receive alerts of new pending requests and assignments.

See your assigned pickups and drop-off locations

View turn-by-turn directions to get you there quickly and safely.

Confirm pickup and delivery with the click of a button.

Easily add additional notes to each pickup or delivery.

Capture information about collected personal effects.

Confirm pickup and delivery with the click of a button.

Easily add notes and photos to each pickup and delivery.


Finish the custody trail by collecting electronic signatures and emailing a receipt to the receiving party.

Designed for mobile devices.  Users can use their finger to sign documents.



Here is where Mortrack really adds value.  Reporting is now powered by Cairnstack Software's Machine Learning (ML) platform. 

MorTrack's reporting engine is not fixed on one set of output reports.  Your input adds your businesses needs and requirements then adds other situational or environmental data that will offer very useful reporting and forecasting* with anecdotal data to better understand the effects: 

  • Best Drivers staging location(s)

  • Busiest/slowest historical days/weeks

  • Weather and traffic patterns driving 


These are examples of data points offered to insights into workflow, employee and process effectiveness.

Understand demand, capacity, assignment efficiency metrics by driver as well as other driver metrics.

Executive dashboards provide a holistic view of operations with graphical data visualizations in an intuitive display.

How to implement Mortrack?

If you like what you see so far.  Lets take a look at the reality of introducing Mortrack into your organization.  We work with you to create a system to roll out the application, get your information in order.  From assisting with the data import of your known or most used sources, to the most common drop off points.       

Our Denver, Colorado based support team is here for you during your initial consideration, to purchase, as well as ongoing to ensure your team is successful.   


We feel that a return on investment is more than a singular benefit marked by a financial metric.  ROI also needs to consider; employee retention, customer experience and speed of billing.      

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We are a software company, and in our case this means that we are best behind the camera, not in front of it. 
Between Covid-19, social distancing requirements and with most of the team being introverts in the first place.  This is the best we could do for a current photo with those of us with webcams.   :)

See a demonstration with our sales and support team.  Talk to the actual people who will help you through the entire process.  


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