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What is a QR code?

QR stands for Quick Response code.  Developed by Toyota in the 1970s to track manufacturing processes. The QR code has been adapted and developed over the years to transfer data from one computer to another by an optical (visual) scan.  Used by millions the QR code in its basic sense is a powerful and secure data transfer medium. 

What makes a common QR code different from a LiveQR code?


Common QR code

One static piece of data that cannot be changed once it is created

LiveQR code

Many levels of data that can be accessed with credentials and by GEO-fencing technology

Common QR codes can store as much data as you would like with the caviot of the more data, the more complex the QR code and less error correction 

Automated Custom Landing pages

With basic data entry and a few selections at a product level; offer a myriad of options to convey consistent and real-time reason for end-uses to scan LiveQR codes more than once. 

Selectable Headers For:

  • Brand

  • Logo

  • Packaging

  • Model

  • Serial Number

  • etc...

  • Show actual # of days remaining on warranty's since it was transferred to the end user.

Talk about the item specs that are most important.


Use your landing pages for a variety of uses. 

  • Display Relevant Information To Customers

  • Guide Them with necessary service details

  • provide excellent customer support

  • Be an industry leader with cutting edge technology

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