The Power Of The LiveQR's

LiveQR code links can easily trigger new points of contact and convenience buying options to keep your clients engaged!

What data is collected on a scan?

  • Geo-Location (Latitude, Longitude) 

  • IP address

  • Device type (if available)

Have a great Warranty?  Show it off!

Then ensure your products are protected against fraud

  • See what products still have warranty liability

  • Highlight product fraud down to the serial number

  • Offer enhanced warranties for gaining more customer information at any time.

  • See locations of an items last know location based on a passive LiveQR scan.

Customer Insight After Sale

See insights to your products and customer usage even after the sale with updated real time item history information after each scan

Full Item History

Each time the LiveQR is scanned​ it records valuable information your business can analyze.

  • Who has received and accepted the product

  • Each time the product has been scanned

  • Time and Date of each note

  • custom notes

Geolocation For Each and Every Scan

Each time the LiveQR is scanned​ it records valuable information that your business can analyze and use however it pleases.

  • Latitude and Longitude

  • Time of Day

  • IP address of device scanning

  • Visual Overview

  • Plus Much More... 


Track User Activity With The Highest Level Of Accuracy 

  • Track how many people are landing on each of your sales pages as well as landing pages.

  • Monitor your calls to action

  • split test customer outreach and response

  • gauge which information is most valuable to your customers

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Cairnstack Software provides cloud-based track and trace systems to help SMB's, to enterprise-level organizations to monitor products, people, and processes.


We proudly offer and support TRXio, PTIPrint, MorTrack, and Bi4Ci software platforms. 

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