Industrial and Supply

The process of connecting physical assets with an ERP and keeping systems up to date is cumbersome at best. To make matters worse, solutions that are meant to help, such as warranty and supply chain verification systems, are hard to integrate, expensive and inefficient. As products move downstream, tracking problems grow. Retailers claim product losses that can’t be verified. Warranties are difficult to execute, so most customers don’t close the loop.

Lack of supply chain tracking results in unnecessary:

  • Product losses

  • Gray market product highlighting

  • Trans-shipping inflection points

  • Warranty repair abuse


But, what would manufacturers gain if they could track their products forever, regardless of where the products went?

Real-time inventory management

Smarter asset tracking

Unprecedented insights into downstream transport and use

Improved product life cycle support

Better warranty repair coverage

Deeper customer intelligence

More dealer and customer brand confidence

Quantify returns from marketing efforts

Warehouse Shelves


TRXio reduces trans-shipping issues and inventory shrinkage while improving the  bottom line. Whether a product is in a warehouse, or used by a customer, your business can gain control over their product’s life cycle with TRXio’s proprietary LiveQR codes.  The tracking system can be scanned by anyone and provide immediate benefits at every touch point. Downstream suppliers and customers don’t even need special software to contribute to the product data.

Once the product moves externally, beyond your control, whenever the TRXio LiveQR code is scanned by anyone with an internet connected device, you will passively and actively collect the product data, that dramatically improves information for your distribution, sales, installation and warranty repair.

Users who scan a LiveQR code are brought to a website that shows product information and contains a form to simply update the product’s information. What the website users see is easily customized according to your business needs. While gathering warranty information would be a common use case, the site can also provide the ability for users to re-engage with the brand. Your business can implement remarketing tactics on the site that provide a high ROI such as the ability to reorder items, view similar products and add accessories.


TRXio is flexible enough to match your workflow and data collection needs; and integrates with over 300 software platforms to date and is adding new connections and functionality every day. TRXio is easy to test because there is no need for an all-encompassing rollout. Your business starts tracking inventory with a segment, division or even a specific model, so results are quantified first. With the analytics in hand to make smart decisions, rollout stages are more calculated, easy to plan and seamlessly executed. Therefore, with TRXio you should have a clear view of your product’s lifecycle, identifying gaps and improving your bottom line.