Commercial Communications


Each year the Communications Industry continues to make rapid technological advances in multiple growth areas, including network infrastructure, mobile broadband, cloud computing, IoT (internet of things), Internet Protocol (IP) networks, Over the-Top services (e.g., Voice over IP (VoIP)), and even SDNs...all having significant amounts of valuable equipment (inventory) to account for, replace and or upgrade regularly.  Additionally, the growth of the communications market for end-users seems to change daily, with new innovations in device technologies (inventory) like smartphones, tablets, computers, and many associated mobile support products makes seems to add more confusion.  Overall, this industry and its supporting sub-markets (products) are all struggling to keep up with monitoring and tracking of not only their own infrastructure and support equipment, but the myriad of manufactured and sold hardware and components to consumers!  Many commercial communications businesses are looking toward TRXio as an easy-to-use solution for reducing the their effort to find, organize and account for inventory!

Electronic Wires


Within the commercial communications industry, TRXio is helping manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, retailers, and installers alike to track, trace and monitor their internal hardware and equipment, as well as sold consumer goods. Furthermore, TRXio offers a full reporting suite that integrates with others systems and software to streamline or replace manual and outdated record keeping processes, giving user instant access to valuable data from anywhere!