Cairnstack's SWOT Analysis

Who would share an internal SWOT document about our Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threat analysis with the internet? 

We do, and here's why!

Time vs. Money with Cairnstack

What is a SWOT analysis?

The Wikipedia definition of a swot analysis is a strategic planning technique used to help a person or organization identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats related to business competition or project planning.  In this case, the following SWOT analysis is using the lens of how companies like yours consider software and workflow digitization.

  • Strengths: characteristics of the application being considered, your project goals, or organizational structure that give it an advantage over others.

  • Weaknesses: characteristics of the application that place the software, project goals or your organization at a disadvantage relative to others.

  • Opportunities: elements in the environment created by the application that the organization or stakeholders could exploit to its advantage.

  • Threats: elements in the environment created by the application that could cause trouble for the stakeholders, the project goals or the organization.

Cairnstack SWOT



Cloud computing is not as secure...

Imagine it is 2008 your team wants to share a file.  The user logs into a local server and downloads a copy.  That is where the problems start... 
The cloud today is stable, secure and robust enough for the most important data to be accessed through secured portals.


We Create Time

when improved workflows are visualized or implemented it creates time for the employee who was responsible for workflows and processes.  What was once a whole day affair can now be done in minutes.  That can be very beneficial for the organization but bad for that individual who wants to keep control of their day-to-day effort and limit any changes to their personal environment at work.  Most businesses have at least one.  Some have whole teams.  

We are not in the same base industry:

It has been said to us in the past "Our industry is unique and it takes a unique system to be successful"  Our answer to this statement is usually with the following question:

a.  Do you take money for your goods? 

b. Do you sell physical items with serial #'s or products that expire?

c. Do you have employees who need to be held accountable for inventory movement and usage?

d. All of the above

In most cases it is "d. All of the above"  In that case, we are exactly what is needed.  Idiosyncrasies in industries come down to business rules and workflow alterations.  Not whole platform changes.  We custom develop workflows and business rule enforcement on a daily basis.   


As a third party provider.  We can see through the red tape:

It is human nature to protect the status-quo.  Meaning the happiest employees are ones that have no worries and no reason to strive for better.  We see that every day and help ownership balance happiness with the desire to reach goals.

Build your core business, not your tech debt

IT staff is important, however in-house IT, building in-house problems is not only expensive it also fosters the same issues reaching goals, but now also with your in house development team.  Sure its cool to have the developer sitting down the hall from you, but is it worth their salary to be building in a silo of knowledge and technical skill sets?  Doubtful.

Solve one or 100 problems at a time

Ever go to an offsite business event where you learn some amazing new tactics to use with your team.  Only to have the other stakeholders roll their eyes at your ideas?  we have all been there.  The key to any enrollment is to move at a speed that fits your organizational flow and culture.  Cairnstack can do that.  We too have had great ideas fizzle out because of forced execution. 

Handling change management issues

We have had times of massive growth that required us to hire, get up to speed then deal with the fallout of culture shifts, bad hires and systems that could not keep up.  it's painful and expensive.  That is why we are great with change management techniques.  With training formats for every type of learner, we can offer videos, text documents, text help, phone support, one-on-one and group training by webinar or in person.  We will work at your speed to ensure your success.




Cairnstack is a smaller business than most of our customers.

It is a fact, we have fewer employees than 95% of our customers,  what does that mean?  We have focused team of stakeholders (employees) that are "all-in" to make our platforms the best they can be. We don't try to be all things to all people and that allows for a smaller, more specialized team of developers, project managers, support engineers.  Even our sales engineers focus on selling to the right companies, not the most companies.  


You are looking for an all-in-one platform 

ERP, systems are a dime a dozen,  meaning that they all do many things that differ from the next only slightly.  So when the industry average is 4 ERP systems in a single organization, that means to us use 4 (yes, four) systems to manage, transfer data between.  From our experience the division has never been by workflow but by department. Maybe it is time to innovate instead of looking for the next magic ERP pill?

Our existing ERP or accounting system has inventory management:

To use an analogy;  All season tires are all compromise tires. Meaning they are not the best in the snow, but not the best performer on dry pavement either.  Sure it is easy to have one set of tires all year.  but what are you giving up?

Inventory management and traceability are two very different things.  Managing a ledger of products with simple numerical counts easy and any accounting or ERP system worth its weight in salt should do that effectively. 
However,  knowing what specific units have been in stock the longest, who has touched each individual item and what are your cost is associated with each item... That is another story.  That is why TRXio exists.  If serial numbers and expiration dates by product matter to your organization? Then you are at the right place.

One system for all

It is one thing to build a great application for one department, it is a whole other skill set to build for cross department data collection and management. Now consider the effort to scale that solution to your organization as it is now then also as you grow.  There are few things worse than investing in a software tool that has compromises where you needed it to be stronger and strong where you don't need it.  In this case there is no chance for ROI.  Even the thought of starting over with the search, selection process, purchasing, training, and in some cases even hardware upgrades needed just to have an all-in-one or super feature software system is painful at best. If you have read this deep into our website, I am guessing your research will pay off in spades by working with us moving forward.  In fact we will even guarantee ROI.  Share with us your KPI goals, if we don't beat your focused and predefined KPI's, then work for free until it does. 


A Great Marketing Presence:

Sure our website is small, so is our marketing budget.  But we spend a large majority of our license fees to improve the application, not marketing spend.  Yes,  there are some big players in the inventory management space.  When they were our size they worked hard, grew their business to a critical mass where the roles changed where they could now dictate to you what a "best" practice, and how you should run business instead of the other way around.  That only works if they can out innovate your competition for you.  That is not the case when they are also telling your competition the same messages.  How is that a "best" practice?    Besides the big players in the space want you to continue to pay for their expensive sponsorship's liability for golf tournaments, sailing and automotive racing teams with your software spend.  


About marketing:

We build track and trace tools for organizations.  Not make marketing websites.  If you notice this isn't the most amazing website.  That is because development is focused on your best practices and functionality, not fluffy marketing noise. 


Sure there may be a typo from time to time on the website, but our infrastructure and code is solid, pressure tested and built to be the easiest to use inventory and asset management tools on the market.          







Software as a service offerings keep the provider in check:
It is not only considered a best practice, but by having a platform provider accountable for their work, beyond the initial release ensures you as the user has the best of the feature set's essence as well as the execution of incremental improvements to workflows as your relationship with the provider goes beyond the first period.

An outdated platform is like having early 2000's car,  You feel it should be worth more but that tape deck in the dash just cannot provide the basic legal requirements to have a smart phone interact like a new car can.   

An Objective Review:

Our team can objectively review your processes, see through departmental red-tape and respond with practices that hear the needs of each level of employee yet keep overarching goals in mind.  

Anecdotal data processing to begin your ML journey:

Machine learning and AI are all the rage these days,  but what does that mean?  It means that given the right data collection a user can gain more insights faster and more efficiently than ever before.  However the first step in ML and AI is data collection and a format to store and thoughtfully normalize the data in order to be used in an ML and AI tool.  We are that collection and storage repository for such information.  Even if you are collecting data in another system in parallel, talk to our team to see how we can report against that data at the same time.

Hardware Agnostic:

At Cairnstack we build for BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)  Not because its less expensive, but for this simple fact:  If you were standing on a ladder and had two phones in your hand.  If you had to drop one of them, which one would you drop?  It has been our experience that in only a few cases it has benefited the company to offer a stipend for data usage (in extreme cases) over forcing an employee to carry a second electronic device to do their job.  Stop fighting the culture of employees using their own devices, they have them on their person at all times already.  


Cloud computing saves money at every step:

Imagine it is 2008 your team wants to share a file.  The user logs into a local server and downloads a copy.  That is where the problems start... 
The cloud today is stable, secure and robust enough for the most important data to be accessed through secured portals. We have two levels of support and protection just on the application level, then consider our hosted applications are strategically distributed across different hosted servers throughout the US by different providers to ensure longevity, costs protection, reliability, and redundancy. 



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