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Since your company has thousands of moving parts and complex jobs that span several days, it’s important that everyone works together like a fine tuned machine. A business shouldn’t have to waste time on cumbersome and repetitive manual tasks, yet inventory is often managed manually within the AV industry. To remain competitive, AV businesses need better inventory management to stay ahead of the pack.

We share your passion for AV, so we designed a solution that simplifies unnecessarily complex AV operations. TRXio is the only inventory management service specifically designed with the AV industry in mind. If you want to accurately, quickly and easily track inventory and project progress, TRXio will keep everything in order, so you have all the information you need right at your fingertips. When accountability and efficiency matter, TRXio delivers.

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TRXio is ideal for AV inventory management. For example, suppliers gain the ability to track inventory quantities, values and serial numbers, so that purchasing and returns are simple, accurate and fast. Custom integrators and security system installers can track inventory with day, week or month custody without having to turn to a cumbersome accounting document. Everyone benefits from better inventory management:

  • Owners and Managers can view product flow and cross reference inventory with accounting. Access reports, track responsibilities and view job progress.

  • Accounting can separate inventory workflows from accounting reports. They can also track receivables and payables jobs that require special skills and due diligence to be accurate.

  • Warehouse Managers - TRXio eliminates the need for manual inventory tracking by simply scanning received products. They can create and track work order or project progress.

  • Warehouse Employees can create pull lists, track inventory quantity and move inventory internally or externally.

  • Project Manager can view product transfers and notes so they can accurately assign installers.

  • Installers get the job done right the first time and spend less time on paperwork. They simply scan what was done to show progress or change/update work orders.

You don’t have to keep doing business as usual. TRXio’s AV inventory management streamlines all of your AV operations, so you can be ahead of the game. With less time spent on inventory management, you have more time to work on other tasks.


AV inventory management goes beyond day-to-day operations. As online purchasing has become mainstream, clients have higher expectations of their ordering processes and account management. TRXio helps keep your branding in order. For example, you can standardize items needed for each job site such as drop cloths, tools and thank you notes. The items can be grouped and tracked as a package in the system, so they are checked out each time an installer heads to a site.

More effective AV inventory management will transform your AV business. If you want fast, accurate and easy AV inventory management, remember that TRXio was created with your business in mind.